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  • Average Rating: 5 stars

    Some of the best tyres I have ever used, low noise, high grip... especially in the wet. Will be definitely recommending these tyres to anyone who asks ... Read More...

  • Average Rating: 5 stars

    I purschased the S drives for a few reasons and that was for good wear and tear, good handling in the dry and wet and a tyre that could handle 380KW a ... Read More...

  • Average Rating: 5 stars

    I recently replaced the factory fitted Run Flat Tyres on my 3 series BMW with Advan Sports (Front 225/40ZR18 & back 255/35ZR18) - Instantly the handli ... Read More...

Safety _insp _front

Safety Examinations

Your car wears out so gradually that most drivers won't notice it. A free T&M Safety Examination can spot potential dangers. View Now

Fitting _restraint

Safety for Baby

State laws now require all children under 7 years to be properly secured in an approved child restraint. View Now

Safer _batteries

Safer Starting Batteries

The battery is the heart of your vehicle's electrical system. It's taken for granted except when the car won't start. View Now

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