3 Quick Tips For Choosing the Perfect Tyre

The right tyre can revolutionise your ride. It’s important to do your research and consider your budget carefully to ensure you get the right one.

To get you started, we’ve broken down the three key areas which are important to consider when you’re on the prowl for some new rubber!

Climate Control

It’s important to assess the regular weather conditions where you live.

Do you get a lot of rain? In that case, you should consider a tyre that’s renowned for its wet weather grip, such as the Yokohama BluEarth Es-ES32.
It’s a tyre that is suitable for compact cars and family sedans, giving a quiet ride with excellent grip on slippery roads.

How Do You Drive?

Your driving methods and regular mileage will play a part. If you’re clocking up lots of miles on the odometer, consider a tyre with a tough, long-wearing tread.

If you are a serious driver with a performance car that you like to push to its limits, a tyre like the Yokohama ADVAN FLEVA V701 is designed to give optimum handling and fantastic grip when cornering.

Your Vehicle

4WDs and SUVs require different, tougher tyres to sedans. If you are planning to go offroad, you’ll need to consider what kind of terrain you’ll be tackling.  The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is designed to provide ultimate traction, wherever you go. Or you might like to consider a tyre that is more suitable for SUV city driving.

Whatever your needs - if you’re in the market for some new tyres and need more assistance, visit your local Tyres & More store for some friendly assistance from the experts!