When it comes to road safety, visibility is at the top of the list for most drivers.

Maintaining your car’s headlights is hugely important, not only for safer night driving but also for when visibility is poor during the day thanks to inclement weather.

So what exactly do you need to do to make sure your headlights are performing at the top of their game?

Here are our three tips for optimum brightness:

1. Use Some Spit & Polish

Smeared or grimy headlights will give you lower visibility. Don’t forget to give your headlights a proper scrub when you wash your car. This will help prevent glare, which is intensified by dirty glass.

2. Gently Take Aim

Headlights can be knocked out of position by bumpy driving, either off-road or simply over potholes. Angled too high and they can blind oncoming drivers. Too low and they won’t provide enough light. Make sure you check their position regularly.

3. Check for Scratches, Chips & Condensation Build-Up

Every single one of these factors will decrease visibility and contribute to glare while driving. Sometimes they can be removed by a good buff but you may need to replace the lens.

Tyres & More aim to offer the most complete car care in Australia - including headlights.

Drive into your local Tyres & More store today and ask one of the friendly staff to check whether your headlights are performing effectively.

They can check and adjust them, plus advise on their general condition. They also stock new headlights if yours need to be replace, including the Phillips’ range of whiter and brighter lights that will give you more confidence when driving.

Find your local Tyres & More store today.