The festive holidays are one of the most wonderful times of the year. Although we may not get a White Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, Australians do get to jump into their cars and head for the beach or hinterland with their friends and family. Just remember that checking your car before a road trip is essential.

Perhaps you’ve been noticing some of these tell-tale signs that your car brakes need a service...

Brake Light is On

Some vehicles have an indicator light on the dashboard that signals it’s time for brake pad replacement. Check your owner’s manual to see if your car has a warning system in place for when the pads have worn low. You’ll need an experienced mechanic to replace the light sensors as well as the brake pads.

Remember if you drive regularly in heavy city traffic, your brake pads will wear out more quickly than if you are driving in rural locations without as much cause to stop and start.

The expert team at your local Tyres & More can give your car a check up and advise about the cost of a brake pad replacement.

Low Brake Fluid

The brake light may also be indicating that your brake fluid is low. If the brake pads are wearing thin, the fluid may also be low, as more liquid gets displaced to help them keep working.

We recommend having your brake fluid replaced at least every two years.

Car Brakes are Squeaking

If your brakes are squealing or squeaking when they’re engaged, come into Tyres & More immediately! This sound may be caused by a small metallic shim indicator that is embedded in your brakes for this purpose. Or it could also be caused by wet, damp conditions. Ask the professionals at your local Tyres & More to take a look at it - we’ll get to the root of the problem.

Vibration can be caused by variations in the thickness of the brake disk, have your brakes checked to ensure your vehicle is stopping effectively.

Don’t hit the open road without ensuring that you’ve put your family’s safety first. Tyres & More not only stock a comprehensive range of tyres; we perform a range of services, from brake safety to child restraint fitting. 

Find your local store and come see us today!