The prospect of a full car service can be a bit like a checkup at the dentist. The
possibility of a whopping bill for unexpected repairs mean that many people
put it off. Not ideal as, rather like cavities, car problems tend to worsen rather
than get better on their own!

The majority of mechanics are extremely trustworthy. However, from time to
time, people have bad experiences.

So whether you’ve got a problem, or you’re taking your car in for its annual
service, we’ve got some tips on how to make sure you don’t get overcharged for
shonky work.

Finding a Good Mechanic
Word of mouth remains the most reliable way of finding a good mechanic - and
thanks to the internet, there are now instantly accessible reviews! Many
mechanics have been reviewed by customers via Google but there’s also some
great sites that have collated reviews so you don’t have to do the legwork.
AutoGuru is a network of 1600 mechanics across Australia that have been
reviewed and are bookable online.

Ask For Written Invoices Before Consent
An important thing to remember is, after an initial check up, obtain a written
“quote” with a line-by-line specification of all work that needs to be complete.
Make sure you do this before consenting to any work.

Request Consent Before Extra Work
Similarly, tell your mechanic that you need to be consulted - at the very least by
phone - and approve any additional work, or new parts that need to be ordered.
This will avoid any nasty surprises when you go to pick up your car!

Get Regular Safety Examinations Between Services
Most Tyres and More stores carry out free safety examinations . Although this
won’t replace your annual service, it’s a great idea to have a quarterly safety
check to make sure that all the key nuts and bolts are in good working order!

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