Keeping Your Battery Charged After Summer

Your battery is the beating heart of your car. If it’s not in good shape, your car might sputter to a stop and you will be left stranded.  The car battery powers the engine, lights, stereo system and air-conditioning. Needless to say, this hard-working component needs more love and attention than it usually gets.

Motorists often neglect their battery due to pressures of lifestyle. Batteries are often put under pressure by Australia’s harsh temperatures during summer. Extreme summer heat can fry a car battery, due to plate buckling or water loss. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal component of the battery.

The Car Care Council advises owners to have batteries periodically checked during this time of year:  

“When most motorists think of dead batteries that cause starting failure, they think of severe winter weather but summer heat is the real culprit,” said Rich White, executive director of Car Care Council. “Many battery problems start long before the temperatures drop.”

How to Keep Your Batter in Good Shape:

  • One of the most important things you can do is start off with a high-quality battery. Tyres & More stocks the Supercharge range of batteries, engineered with leading edge technology to ensure reliability and ongoing performance.
  • Some batteries need to be topped up with water. Regularly, check that the plates are covered by approximately 4mm of electrolyte. Add distilled water when necessary. If you are unsure speak to a specialist at Tyres & More.
  • Keep it clean. Batteries should be free of dirt and erosion. Dirt is a conductor which drains battery power.
  • Leaving your car at home while on holiday? Underuse of your car wears out the battery as well. Ask a friend or family member to drive it occasionally while you’re away.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be on the way to ensuring that your battery remains as cool as possible in the heat. Find your local Tyres and More store now.