A brand new year is upon us! With it, many of us are making transformative resolutions which include our modes of transportation. While you might dream of zooming into your local car dealership and upgrading to the latest Audi, that might not be a possibility...this year, anyway. Here at Tyres & More, we’ve got some great ways for you to overhaul your current vehicle to make it feel ready, where ever you need to go in 2018.

Firstly, Get a Comprehensive Safety Examination

When was the last time you gave your car a complete check up? As the doctors say, prevention is better than cure. Get to grips with how the following are performing on your vehicle:

Windscreen Apparatus - If your windscreen wipers are cracking, it’s inexpensive to have them replaced. You can also add some windscreen washer to your fluid bottle to get rid of the greasy film when the rain first starts.
Engine Oil - Your engine oil needs to be replaced every 5,000 - 7,000km, or roughly every six months. You can check the oil yourself using our DIY Guide, or drive into Tyres & More and we’ll do it for you.
Battery - The sweltering summer heat can take a heavy toll on your battery. If your battery has a removable cap, make sure the battery fluid is 10mm above the plates. If not you can add distilled water. We also sell new batteries if it’s time to upgrade.
Brakes - Check that the brake pads are in good condition, that you have enough brake fluid and the entire braking system is functioning well.

Most Tyres & More stores undertake full safety examinations, free of charge. Give us a ring now on 1300 951 307 or find your local store.

Freshen Up

Has a long holiday road trip left your car in need of some TLC? A thorough clean for the new year will put the oomph back into your vehicle and make the driving experience a lot more pleasurable! Once you’ve given it a vacuum, use a leather cleaner on the seats and add a deodoriser to make you feel fresh as a daisy. Our aim is to offer the most complete car care in Australia, so come into Tyres & More and check out our range of products.

Check Your Tyres

Your tyres underpin the entire performance of your car. Not only do they need the right grip for the conditions you usually drive on, they also impact stability and braking.

Firstly, check your tyre pressure to make sure your tyres aren’t feeling deflated after Christmas. Car tyres can deflate up to 2psi per month.

Plus don’t forget that your tyre tread is legally required to be at least 1.5mm. If yours is beginning to wear thin, it’s time for an upgrade.
Tyres & More stock one of Australia’s largest ranges of quality tyres, including Yokohama. Our team have years of expertise in assessing which tyres are suitable for your lifestyle needs. Come in and see us today and make sure you’re ready to hit the road in 2018!