When it comes to safety on the road the quality of your tyres can be the determining factor between your safety and a serious road accident. Not only do good quality tyres reduce stopping distance, improve grip and minimise skidding, they also offer improved handling and control of your vehicle allowing you to feel comfortable and confident whilst on the road.

A study on tyre safety published by service and product comparison specialists, Canstar Blue, claims that around 29% of people surveyed admitted to feeling fearful of an accident due to the bad quality of their tyres.* This suggests opting for cheap tyres that can quickly wear and become damaged not only physically increases the risk of an accident but is also likely to cause panic or stress whilst driving, another factor which has been linked to increased danger on the road.**

What determines tyre quality?

When shopping for new tyres around 20% of Australians admitted to opting for the cheapest tyres available without conducting proper research into the quality of the tyre and its intended use.* Now that the importance of investing in a good quality tyre has been established, what are the things we should be looking out for?

Age. A tyre’s age is a good indicator on whether it’s performance will be up to scratch. As a tyre ages the rubber will naturally thin and bulge, leading to reduced grip and more chance of a blow out, even if the tyre has not been in use. The tread on an old tyre is likely to be worn, resulting in less traction on the road, particularly in wet weather conditions. A brand new tyre will usually have a tread depth of around 8mm. Australian law requires a tread depth of at least 1.5mm to be considered roadworthy, so be mindful of the age and wear on your tyres and how it’s impacting your safety.

Respected brand name. Renowned tyre brands have earned their reputation for a reason. It is likely that if you have heard good things about the tyre brand, their tyres are likely to be of a premium quality. In addition to their reputation, prestigious tyre brands also have the funding, technology and researchers required to develop new, innovative designs using the best quality materials and structures.

Positive reviews and recommendations. A tyre’s quality is arguably only really established when they are exposed to real life situations and one of the best ways to find this out, other than taking a car for a test drive, is to read reviews. Genuine reviews complete with a star rating can be found on tyresandmore.com.au for most tyres sold in store, these will give you a clear indicator of the tyre’s quality provided by like-minded people in similar situations to your own. If you would like an expert's opinion on any of the tyres available at Tyres and More contact us on 13 6673 or visit one of our stores for an honest recommendation.

Fit for its purpose. What is your tyre’s intended use? There are many tyres available all designed to excel at different things. To ensure your tyres perform in the way you want, it is important to establish their main use. Find out more about how to choose the right tyre for you.

Benefits of using a good quality tyre

Opting for tyre quality over tyre price is not only beneficial for your safety, a premium tyre can also:
● save you money on fuel due to their reduced rolling resistance
● have a longer lifespan, if they are properly maintained
● improve the comfort and handling of your drive
● give you peace of mind whilst on the road

With the number of fatal accidents in Australia reaching 1,209 in 2015, investing in a good quality tyre may actually be the most valuable purchase you make this year.***



*** https://bitre.gov.au/publications/ongoing/rda/files/RDA_Dec_2015.pdf