The benefits of a Tyre Franchise but with more independence.

Tyres & More offers similar benefits to a tyre franchise, but with a much more flexible licence agreement. In fact, it's more of a partnership opportunity than a franchising opportunity. That's because we see value in local independent tyre stores that's worth capitalising on.

What is the Tyres & More store group?

Tyres & More started as a collection of independent tyre stores. They came together to be stronger as a group. So they could be more competitive with tyre store franchises and national tyre store chains.

There's a good deal of variety in the Tyres & More dealer network. Some stores focus on 4x4 servicing, others on truck tyres and others on motorsport. There are even tyre shops operated out of mobile fitting vans.

Tyres & More isn't about changing your store to fit into a rigid mould.

Why you should join Tyres & More.

If you join Tyres & More you can keep your identity and business name. For example, if a store called "Jim's Tyres" joined Tyres & More they'd become "Jim's Tyres & More".

Customers who previously shopped with "Jim's Tyres" should feel it's still the same store, only better.

You can join the Tyres & More network to attract more customers. Tyres & More uses its group buying power to create attractive retail campaigns and promotions that bring in customers.

Research suggests people prefer to shop at branded store chains or franchises. That's because they think they're more professional and trustworthy than small businesses.

Tyres & More adds a big brand feel to small businesses with professional and distinctive signage. Tyres & More reaches more of your local audience more times with clever digital promotional campaigns.

What benefits do you get from a Tyres & More licence agreement?

  • Give customers "More" reasons to come into your store by having more than just tyres. Group buying power with competitive national pricing on batteries, wheels, servicing consumables and even baby seat installation amongst other things.
  • Use our expertise to expand your business into other areas like mag wheel upgrades, mechanical servicing and other categories of tyres like truck tyres, agriculture tyres and off the road tyres.
  • You're still your own boss. Run the business your way and draw on help from Tyres & More as you need it. We can help with customer service, technical training and local area marketing.
  • Receive industry-best discounts on Yokohama car, 4x4, light truck, truck and off the road tyres.
  • Join friendly like-minded business owners at national conferences and state-based events to share passions and successful business processes, ideas and innovations.
  • You get a store signage and showroom makeover in fresh, contemporary Tyres & More colours. This results in a professional and eye-catching street presence.
  • We help you manage digital marketing like Google Search, Google My Business and Google Ad Words.

What support will your business get from Tyres & More?

  • There are 10 company-owned Tyres & More stores. They're assisted by a capable national office team. They strive to create and capture "best practices" to help other stores in the network succeed.
  • Tyres & More is growing the Yokohama national fleet business with fleet companies such as LeasePlan, Orix, Fleet Partners and Toyota. In addition, Yokohama connects Tyres & More stores with larger local company and local government fleet opportunities.
  • Preferred supplier agreements and central billing are in place to get great discounts and reduce paperwork.

What sort of stores are Tyres & More looking to partner with?

  • Ideally, you have an existing tyre shop with an existing customer base. You're motivated to grow the business and are passionate about tyres like we are.
  • Stores with the ability to do mechanical repairs and logbook servicing are a bonus.
  • Tyres & More is particularly interested in regional stores that can do farm work and road service.

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