Passenger Car Wheels


pdw oasis xt



Revamped to impress, super fine 10 spoke design will surely accentuate your vehicle. All New Diamond Black finish, the perfect touch for an elegant and personal statement.

SIZE     PCD                     FINISH                         PRICE

15x6.5  8/100-114.3          Diamond Black              $139.00

15x6.5  10/100-114.3         Diamond Black              $139.00

16x7     10/100-114.3         Diamond Black              $169.00

16x7     10/108-114.3        Diamond Black              $169.00

17x7     8/100-114.3          Diamond Black              $189.00

17x7     10/100-114.3        Diamond Black              $189.00

18x8     10/100-114.3        Diamond Black              $229.00

18x8     10/114.3-120         Diamond Black              $229.00


procast shadow



Coming between the rays of light, penetrating through the darkness Procast submits it’s Shadow wheel. Featuring 10 off centre diverged spokes all in carbon grey finish, find and expose, lurking in the shadows no more!

SIZE     PCD                FINISH                         PRICE

16x7     5/114.3             Carbon Grey                 $179.00

17x7     5/114.3             Carbon Grey                 $199.00

18x8     5/114.3             Carbon Grey                 $219.00


procast shift



Gloss Black 10 spoke wheel designed with the sleek lines in mind

SIZE     PCD               FINISH             PRICE

16x7     5/114.3             Gloss Black       $179.00

17x7     5/114.3             Gloss Black       $199.00

18x8     5/114.3             Gloss Black       $219.00

18x8     5/120               Gloss Black       $219.00

20x8.5  5/120               Gloss Black       $269.00


4WD/SUV Wheels


pdw outback



It’s time to look good and get seriously tough. PDW Steel Wheels are built tough by our high manufacturing standards, to ensure they perform at their best for all off-road enthusiasts, no matter what your adventure is. From the City streets to the Outback Australia “PDW STEEL WHEELS”.

P/S: Extra Care and Strength added in production process.


Reinforced Steel construction with Center Disc & Outer Band.

Robotic Welding to ensure accuracy on all rear welding.

100% Center Bore Machining to ensure perfect balancing and run outs.

Brake Clearance Enhancement to ensure all larger brake caliper to clear our Steel Wheels at ease.

Hub Centric Compatibility (HCC) Technology allowing wheel to locate on centre bore of vehicle.

IMPORTANT: Vehicle operators must legally ensure that maximum axle load capacities are not exceeded.


SIZE     PCD                FINISH  PRICE

15x7     6/139.7             Black    $89.00

15x8     6/139.7             Black    $89.00

16x7     6/139.7             Black    $109.00

16x8     5/150               Black    $109.00

16x8     6/139.7             Black    $109.00

17x8     6/139.7             Black    $119.00


pdw rampage



This tough unique twin 8 spoke design exemplifies a wheel capable of tackling harsh terrain, when subjected to high vehicle loads. Rampage is available in Tough Black for a full blackout look. Detailing on the wheel is subjective as it is designed for endurance determination.

Recommended Vehicles:

Ford Ranger | Everest | Holden Colorado | Rodeo | Isuzu D-Max | Isuzu MU-X | Toyota Hilux | Fortuner | Mitsubishi Triton | Challenger |  Mazda BT50 | Nissan Navara D40 | NP300 | Volkswagen Amarok


SIZE     PCD                FINISH             PRICE

17x9     6/139.7             Tough Black      $289.00

18x9     6/139.7             Tough Black      $319.00


procast decoy



Sophisticated tough rugged design which enriches the 4×4 enthusiast with aggressive fitments to turn an eye of law. Decoy designed to make a statement, tough block spokes with a big solid wide lip and aggressive offset surely does just that.

Maximum Dish of 70mm for both sizes.

Recommended Vehicles:

Toyota Hilux | Mitsubishi Triton | Holden Colorado | Rodeo | Isuzu D-Max | Isuzu MU-X


SIZE     PCD               FINISH                         PRICE

17x9     6/139.7             Black Milled                  $239.00

17x9     6/139.7             Black Machined            $239.00