Your battery is the heart of your car. If it’s weak or dead, your car won’t start and you will be left stranded. No man is an island. At Tyres & More we can help you get the most out of your battery.

Battery care is easier today than in past years but it is still often neglected due to the nature of our fast-paced lifestyles. We demand a lot of our vehicles. Batteries are also put under pressure by Australia’s harsh temperatures. 

So what does your battery do? More to the point - what doesn’t it do? Your car's battery kickstarts your engine, powers your lights, as well as many of your other vehicle accessories such as your stereo system. Such a hard-working asset needs love and attention.

Quick Tips to Extend the Life of Your Battery:

  • Keep it clean. Batteries should be free of dirt and erosion.

  • Where accessible, regularly check the plates are covered by approximately 4 mm of electrolyte.  Add distilled water if necessary.

  • Both under-use and overuse of your car wears out your battery.  If it's been sitting for a while give your car a run, or alternatively if you're going on a long holiday, ask a friend or family member to drive it occasionally.  If it's excessive use that's happening, think about carpooling every once in awhile or taking public transport to give it a break.

  • Try not to go to extremes. Excessive heat will damage your battery due to plate buckling or water loss. Excessive vibration will also cause damage.


Firstly, start off with a high-quality battery. Tyres & More stocks the Supercharge range of batteries, engineered with leading edge technology to ensure reliability and ongoing performance.

Have a Supercharge battery and want to know how to get maximum longevity? Check out their battery maintenance checklist.

Sometimes you’ve done everything right but you’re still stuck. Well, when the going gets rough...the tough get going! Need to know how to jump start a car?  Check out how to do it here.