“Stop right now, thank you very much…”- ‘Stop’, Spice Girls, 1997

Upkeep of brakes and tyres are possibly the two most important factors to provide passenger and driver safety in emergency situations. 

Badly worn brake pads can damage expensive braking components, resulting in a costly repair bill while some "cheaper" brake pads can lead to brake failure and damage expensive brake system components.

Quick Brake Tips:

  • Have your brake fluid replaced at least every 2 years.

  • Monitor your brakes. Take note of changes such as: pulsing, grabbing, vibration, noises, soft pedal or a reduction in performance.

  • Catching a problem early will save you money and could prevent an accident.

  • Drive somebody else's car from time to time and compare the braking performance. Your brakes deteriorate gradually and you mightn't notice it. 


If in doubt, have your brakes inspected by a professional at your local Tyres & More!