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Specials on ROH, CSA & Speedy Wheels - Ends 30th June 2024.

Mag wheels are a performance upgrade that goes hand in hand with a change in tyre size. Lightweight alloy wheels can give your car faster acceleration and more responsive steering compared with  factrory-fitted steel wheels. They can also be an easy and effective way to improve the appearance of a car or 4x4. For cars that could be a racing or tough street look. 4x4s owners normally prefer an aggressive off-road appearance.

Browse the range of alloy wheels below, then call your nearest Tyres & More storeThey can help you with size and offset fitment for your vehicle. Ask them about tyre and wheel packages.

Use this image to help you understand wheel sizes and specifications. They're tricky.

Tyres and More wheel size explanation and decoding

Car Wheel Specials.

Speedy Wheels Hammer Car Wheel Range

Speedy Hammer Car Wheels

The Hammer is designed with bold and powerful looks, to be a perfect match for the current crop of Australian and US bred V8 RWD muscle cars. Available in stagger sizes  (wider on the rear) to provide a wider and more purposeful vehicle stance. The Hammer alloy wheel is the ultimate wheel choice for today’s modern muscle cars.

They're generally available in 5/114.3, 4/100 and 5/120 stud patterns.,

  • 16x7 +38. In Satin Black and Tungsten Grey colours.  $235
  • 17x7.5 +35 or +40. In Satin Black and Tungsten Grey colours. $275
  • 18x8.5 +35 In Satin Black and Tungsten Grey colours. $340
  • 20x9 +30 to + 46 4 Stud Semi blank. In Gold, Satin Black and Tungsten Grey. $340
  • 20x10.5 +30 to + 46 4 Stud Semi blank. In Gold, Satin Black and Tungsten Grey. $360

ROH Monaco Wheel 2 angles

ROH Monaco Car Wheels

ROH Monaco wheels are an elegant, lightweight twin 5 spoke performance car wheel. The matt black baked enamel wheels offer handling improvements and a stylish look for front wheel drive hatchbacks and sedans. Suitable stud patterns include 5/100, 5/114.3 and 5/120.

  • 16x7 +40 5/114.3 $199
  • 17x8 +35 5/114.3 or 5/120 $225
  • 17x8 +40 5/114.3 $225 
  • 18x8.5 +35 5/114.3 or 5/120 $255
  • 18x8.5 +45 5/114.3 or 5/100 $255
  • 19x8.5 +35 5/114.3 or 5/120 $285

CSA Wheel Hotwire Colour Range

CSA Hotwire Car Wheels

Hotwire wheels are available in both full gloss black and gloss black machined face finishes. Hotwire features a striking, multi-spoke design and has been developed with fitments to suit many popular small, medium & large passenger vehicles & SUVs.

  • 15x6 +40 4/100 Black $209
  • 15x6 +40 4/100  Machined $215
  • 16x6.5 +39 5/100 Black $235
  • 16x6.5 +40 4/100 Black $235
  • 16x6.5 +40 5/105 Black $235
  • 16x6.5 +40 5/105 Machined $239
  • 17x7 +40 4/100 Black $279
  • 17x7 +40 5/108 Machined $289
  • 18x8 +39 5/100 Black $320
  • 18x8 +45 5/115 Black $320

SUV Wheel Specials

CSA Monaco Wheel Colour Range

CSA Monaco SUV Wheels

Monaco from the CSA Touring Series of designs suits the latest range of small, medium & large SUV's in Australia. Monaco also suits large passenger sedans & sports vehicles.
This flagship 5-spoke design has a beautiful contoured spoke. It showcases a level of engineering excellence which makes this wheel a must have addition for your quality new SUV.

  • 17x7.5 +35 114.3 Graphite Machined $309
  • 17x7.5 +35 114.3 Matte Grey $309
  • 17x7.5 +38 5/100 Graphite Machined $309
  • 17x7.5+38  5/112 Graphite Machined $309
  • 18x8 +35 5/114.3 Graphite Machined $369
  • 18x8 +35 114.3 Matte Grey $369
  • 18x8 +40 5/120 Graphite Machined $369

4x4 Wheel Specials

Speedy Wasteland Wheel Colour Range

Speedy Wasteland Wheels

Speedy Wasteland off-road wheels have attractive angled bronze or pewter spokes. A refreshing and stylish change from all black wheels. The outer lips are satin black contrasted by coloured rivets which match the spoke colour, for a beadlock look. 

  • 17x8 Black & Bronze +42 5/120 or 6/139.7 $339
  • 17x8 Black & Pewter  +42 5/120 or 6/139.7 $339
  • 18x9 Black & Bronze +13 6/139.7 $399
  • 18x9 Black & Pewter +13 6/139.7 $399
  • 20x9 Black & Bronze +13 6/139.7 $479
  • 20x9 Black & Pewter +13 6/139.7 $479

ROH Crawler 4x4 Wheel

ROH Crawler Wheels

The ROH Crawler 4×4 wheel comes in a matt black finish with anodised aluminium bolts. It has a unique multi-spoke mesh style with concave spokes enhanced by a beadlock style lip. This mesh race-inspired style gives your 4×4 a proud stance and strength and durability. It features the ROH Easycleans® Matt Black Baked Enamel finish which provides superior salt spray performance and anti-weathering durability.
The Crawler will fit popular 4×4s including Hilux, Prado, Ranger, D-Max, BT-50, Triton and Navara. It is load-rated at 1500kg per wheel for 6/139.7 fitments and is an ideal choice when fitting a GVM+ suspension upgrade.

  • 16x8 +30 6/139.7 $349
  • 17x9 0, +12, +25, +40  6/139.7 $389
  • 17X9 +30 6/114.3 $389
  • 18X9 0, +12, +25, +40 6/139.7 $419

CSAX RT Pro 4x4 Wheels 2 views

CSA X RT Pro Wheels

The Rugged Terrain RT PRO wheel is the latest addition to CSA-X Pro Series off road wheel range. RT PRO has six split spokes with a deep concave face, cast alloy rim edge bolts and a signature CSA-X cap. Available in 17x8 and 18x8 sizes, CSA-X RT PRO will fit a wide range of popular 6-Stud 4x4 and 4x2 applications, including Toyota LC300 Series. With a huge 1500 kg wheel load, RT PRO will suit vehicles that have been fitted with a GVM upgrade kit. The CSA-X RT PRO has been designed and tested to deal with the harshest Australian off-road conditions.

  • 17x8 +20 6/139.7 $349
  • 17x8 +35 6/139.7 $349
  • 18x8 +20 6/139.7 $749
  • 18x8 +35 6/139.7 $749

CSA X Recoil Wheel Colour Range

CSA X Recoil Wheels

RECOIL is loud, off-road capable and very strong. This latest 4x4 creation by the team at CSA is purpose built to suit the most popular Australian 6-Stud and 5-Stud 4x4 vehicles.
This striking new 4x4 alloy wheel has ten spokes, an awesome, deep contoured centre bowl, and a tough looking rim edge with black stainless-steel bolts.
Recoil has a heavy-duty appearance, which is underlined by its massive 1500 kg wheel load and is suitable for all standard 4x4 vehicles and 4x4 vehicles fitted with GVM upgrade kits.

  • 17x8 +10, +20 & + 35 6/139.7 Black $349
  • 17x8 +10, +20 & + 35 6/139.7 Machined Face $359
  • 17x8.5 +30 6/130 Black $349
  • 17x8.5 +35 5/150 Black $349
  • 18x8.5 +10, +20 & +35 6/139.7 Black $377
  • 18x8.5 +10, +20 & +35 6/139.7 Machined Face $385
  • 18x8.5 +30 6/130 Black $377

What are the benefits of mag wheels?
Many new base model vehicles come with factory-fitted steel wheels because they’re cheap to make. Premium models typically have factory fitted alloy wheels. 

There are different types of steel wheels, but alloy wheels offer the largest selection of styles. Wheels can give cars a racy, stylish or tough look depending on the wheel choice.

Mag wheels are lighter than steel wheels giving vehicles multiple performance benefits. Lighter alloy wheels reduce the car’s "unsprung weight". Racing car engineers go to great lengths to reduce the unsprung weight of the tyres, wheels and brakes. 

Reduced unsprung weight improves handling, acceleration, braking and fuel economy.

What are mag wheels made from?

Today alloy wheels are made from cast or forged aluminum, however they used to be made from magnesium, which is where the word “mag” comes from.

What styles do mag wheels come in?

The main design elements that determine the look of wheels are:

  • Spoke design. The number of spokes along with their width and shape.
  • Colour. Wheels are normally powder coated or enamel painted in white, black, silver or gold. But they can also be polished alloy, a combination of paint and machined metal. They can even have coloured highlights.
  • Dish. Depending on the wheel offset and type of car you have, deep dish wheels and wide tyres can be a desired look. It often involves increasing the track of a vehicle and sometimes adding flared wheel arches.

How do I ensure mag wheels will fit?

Ensure the tyre and wheel combination are similar to the diameter of the factory-fitted wheels & tyres. You can go up in wheel diameter as long as you come down in the tyre profile.

Ensure that the wheels you buy match the stud pattern of the wheel hubs. You need to know the number of studs and the distance they are from the centre of the wheel. This is called the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD).

Finally, the most tricky thing to determine is the wheel offset. This is how much the wheels will move in towards the body or out towards the fenders. It’s best to get the wheel manufacturer to confirm the fitment of their wheels to the make, model and year of your car. Tyres & More stores can help with this, and can consult the wheel suppliers they use.