Mag wheels are often necessary when car owners want an increase in performance by changing the tyre size of their car or 4x4.

Stylish alloy wheels can completely change the style of a passenger vehicle. Adding an attractive set of wheels and lowered suspension can improve the look of just about any car. Adding tough looking wheels, aggressive tyres and lifted suspension does wonders for the aesthetics of 4WD vehicles.

Aftermarket wheels allow car owners to personalise and customise their cars.

Save on Mag Wheels with Tyres & More catalogue specials.

You can buy wheels from most Tyres & More stores at any time. Stores have access to a range of wheels. They can also put together wheel and tyre packages for you.

However, the savvy thing to do is to check the Tyres & More catalogue. It includes wheel discounts and offers in almost every monthly catalogue.

The October and November Tyres & More Catalogue Wheel Specials are below. When you decide on a wheel, call your nearest Tyres and More store for help with wheel sizing and tyre choice.

ROH Vapour 4x4 Alloy Wheels - From $349

ROH Vapour off-road wheels are stylish and modern. They feature 12 muscular angled spokes in a twin 6-spoke arrangement. The matt black wheels have an easy to clean baked enamel finish.  The thing that gives them a feel of precision and quality is the contrasting polished metal details. Each twin spoke has an anodized aluminium bolt where it meets the rim, giving it a 2-piece look. The outer rim has a shiny machined surface. It’s partially covered by a black outer lip with 12 rivets that give the wheels a tough off-road beadlock look. The wheel nuts are hidden by a centre cap in the same black and polished metal theme.

ROH Vapour

ROH Vapour wheels fit popular 4x4 vehicles. They come in 16 to 20 inch rim diameters and 8 to 9 inch rim widths. They come in common stud patterns including: 5/120, 5/127, 5/150, 6/114.3 and the popular 6/139.7. Generous load ratings are either 1250 and 1500kg per wheel depending on size. See catalogue for prices.

ROH Trophy 4x4 Alloy Wheels - from $259

ROH Trophy wheels are a deep dish 8 spoke design. They provide a subtle departure from the common matt black finishes by having a graphite coloured face. These wheels is detailed with restraint. The black rims have matching black anodized bolts for a 2 piece look. The outer rim is also black and features contrasting polished rivets for a beadlock look.

ROH Trophy

ROH Trophy wheels fit a large range of 4x4 and SUV vehicles. They come in 16 to 20 inch rim diameters and 7 to 9 inch rim widths. They come in common stud patterns which include 5/114.3, 5/120, 5/127, 5/150, 6/114.3 and 6/139.7. Wheel load ratings range between 1025 and 1500kg per wheel depending on size.

ROH Forza Car and SUV Mag Wheels - from $275

A lightweight twin 5 spoke alloy wheel with a tough matt black baked enamel finish. The narrow spokes are undercut to maximise brake clearance and ventilation. They suit front and rear wheel drive vehicles.

ROH Forza Wheels

ROH Forza wheels are 5 stud and suit the following PCDs 100, 108, 114.3 and 120. Staggered fitments are possible with 20x8.5 fronts and 20x10 rears for 5/120 stud patterns. Or 19x8.5 front and 19x9.5 rears in a 5/120 or 5/114.3 stud pattern.

Speedy Wasteland 4x4 Alloy Wheels

Speedy Wasteland off-road wheels have attractive angled bronze or pewter spokes. A refreshing and stylish change from all black wheels. The outer lips are satin black contrasted by coloured rivets which match the spoke colour, for a beadlock look.

Speedy Wasteland Satin Black Bronze

Speedy Wasteland Satin Black Pewter

Wasteland wheels come in a 17 x 8 size which suits 6/114.3, 5/120 and 6/139.7 stud patterns. The 18 x 9 and 18 x 20 sizes suit the 6/139.7 stud pattern.

Speedy Redback Car Alloy Wheels

Speedy Redback Gold

What are the benefits of mag wheels?

Many new base model vehicles come with factory-fitted steel wheels because they’re cheap to make. Premium models typically have factory fitted alloy wheels. 

There are different types of steel wheels, but alloy wheels offer the largest selection of styles. Wheels can give cars a racy, stylish or tough look depending on the wheel choice.

Mag wheels are lighter than steel wheels giving vehicles multiple performance benefits. Lighter alloy wheels reduce the car’s "unsprung weight". Racing car engineers go to great lengths to reduce the unsprung weight of the tyres, wheels and brakes. 

Reduced unsprung weight improves handling, acceleration, braking and fuel economy.

What are mag wheels made from?

Today alloy wheels are made from cast or forged aluminum, however they used to be made from magnesium, which is where the word “mag” comes from.

What styles do mag wheels come in?

The main design elements that determine the look of wheels are:

  • Spoke design. The number of spokes along with their width and shape.
  • Colour. Wheels are normally powder coated or enamel painted in white, black, silver or gold. But they can also be polished alloy, a combination of paint and machined metal. They can even have coloured highlights.
  • Dish. Depending on the wheel offset and type of car you have, deep dish wheels and wide tyres can be a desired look. It often involves increasing the track of a vehicle and sometimes adding flared wheel arches.

How do I ensure mag wheels will fit?

Ensure the tyre and wheel combination are similar to the diameter of the factory-fitted wheels & tyres. You can go up in wheel diameter as long as you come down in the tyre profile.

Ensure that the wheels you buy match the stud pattern of the wheel hubs. You need to know the number of studs and the distance they are from the centre of the wheel. This is called the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD).

Finally, the most tricky thing to determine is the wheel offset. This is how much the wheels will move in towards the body or out towards the fenders. It’s best to get the wheel manufacturer to confirm the fitment of their wheels to the make, model and year of your car. Tyres & More stores can help with this, and can consult the wheel suppliers they use.