“Quality is simple. People are complicated.” - Harry Forsha


Quality Tyres are an incredibly important factor in car performance and safety.  They also underpin other vehicle safety factors such as traction control, anti-lock brakes and stability control.


Surprisingly - given rarely a day goes past when we don’t roll to and fro on a set of tyres - many people don’t understand what components actually go into a quality tyre. Lack of awareness of the impact of tyre performance on vehicle safety often means price is the sole driver of the purchasing decision, with many customers remaining unaware of the impacts of lesser quality tyres on their vehicle’s handling and performance.

At Tyres & More, we’ll be honest with you about what your car needs to be fully optimised - irrespective of price. We offer a range of tyres to suit your needs, from Yokohama's flagship high performance Advan Tyres to our "BluEarth" daily drive tyres. Our focus is on making sure you’re as safe on the roads as possible.

The Bare Knuckle Facts About Tyres

Here are the punchy bits.

  • Tyres first. Even the best anti-lock brake systems cannot overcome the effects of poor tyres on a vehicle.

  • Tread carefully. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, but the recommended minimum tread in wet conditions is 3 mm

  • Car tyres can deflate up to 2psi a month.  Under-inflated tyres are thought to be one of the key factors in tyre blow outs and reduced handling.

Quick Tips for Tyre Care

  • Hit the ground running. Have your tyres balanced and an alignment done when you get new tyres.  

  • Always check your tyre pressure and keep them at the recommended placard pressure at all times - this not only prolongs the life of your tyre, but it provides better fuel efficiencies too.

  • Avoid potholes and gutters as much as possible.

  • Drive cautiously.  This is Common Sense 101. Just because you have new tyres doesn't mean you can drive faster around corners or stop quicker.  While the benefits of having quality tyres might provide this, putting your tyres under unnecessary stress wears them out faster.

  • Check your tread regularly. Finding signs of wear and tear and getting a new wheel alignment or your tyres rotated could save you from unnecessary costs.

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