“The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.” - Dudley Moore


We ask a lot of our cars. Every day we blithely step behind the wheel and expect it to run smoothly. To be mechanically sound and to get us safely to the office, the gym or our child’s school.

In truth, cars are complex machines that need to be maintained to ensure optimum performance and safety. Like regular trips to the dentist,  our cars need to be examined so that services such as wheel alignments, oil, water top-ups and suspension maintenance can be carried out.

There are many factors that put a strain on our cars each week. It might be dealing with traffic congestion in major cities, or navigating rocky roads in rural areas. The amount of kilometres you drive a year and different weather conditions also play a part. It’s so important to understand the individual needs of your vehicle.

Tyres & More offer free safety examinations to give you peace of mind when you’re out on the open road or darting around the city.

Our safety checks are without obligation and are comprehensive - providing you with a total picture of your car's condition from coolant to wipers to brakes, lights and tyres. Our mechanics are expertly-trained and nothing is overlooked, providing you with complete motor vehicle confidence and peace of mind.

What exacerbates vehicle wear and tear?

Even just everyday driving behaviour impacts your car, which is why maintenance is so important to keep it running beautifully.

  • Starting it.  When we start our cars cold, it puts strain on the engine. A good quality oil and frequent changes helps maintain engine health.

  • Frequent stops. The brake pads suffer wear every time we stop the car.

  • Using your windscreen wipers. Windscreen wipers are sensitive beasts. Every time you turn them on, they start to wear. When you don't use them, they dry out and crack. They’re imperative for safety in wet conditions, so keep an eye how they’re doing.

  • Taking corners too fast. It might make you feel like Lewis Hamilton but cornering too fast puts strain on your tyres and wears out your tread faster.

  • Those darned potholes! Driving over even one pothole can destroy your wheel alignment and wear your suspension and tyre tread faster. Do your best to avoid falling down the rabbit hole.

  • Infrequent services. Delaying servicing can wear out your car's engine. It can also lead to a bigger bill than necessary (a little like the dentist).


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