“This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” - Oscar Wilde


Good suspension is the essence of car control.

It provides steering stability, enabling you to drive safely on a variety of road surfaces by putting a downward force on your tyres as they move forward or backward. At the same time, combined with shock absorbers, the suspension is responsible for a comfortable ride for your passengers.

Not all roads are created equal.

Due to the many irregularities in our road surfaces, suspension is a must.  Without it, your car would bounce and slam back into the road.

Shock absorbers form an integral part of your car's suspension, acting as oil pumps to push hydraulic fluid through tiny holes in your car's pistons as it propels forward. The size of the holes limits the volume of hydraulic fluid and this puts pressure on the piston, slowing it down along with the suspension movement. The faster your car's suspension moves, the greater the resistance your shock absorbers provide.

It's the irregularities that cause our suspension systems, and in particular shock absorbers, to wear out and reduce your car's handling and braking performance.

Change shock absorbers regularly.

It's quite easy to tell when shock absorbers need replacing.  If your car leans over when cornering, nose-dives when braking, squats when accelerating or bounces too much over bumps it's time for a change. Hit a speed bump or a railway crossing with worn shocks and you could even damage the underside of your car.

Shock absorbers put the oomph into your brakes.

Shock absorbers control the way your car's weight shifts under braking and they keep the tyres firmly in contact with the road, absorbing bumps and irregularities. This enables your brakes to work efficiently and reduce your car's stopping distance.

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