The Mazzini ECO605 is an all round touring tyre for small, medium and large cars. It provides a good blend of performance, long mileage and value for money. More
  • Features
    • Four Wide Straight Grooves: Minimise hydroplaning and aid wet traction.
    • A Continuous Centre Rib: Helps high speed stability.
    • Asymmetrical Tread Design: Linked outside shoulder blocks assist cornering.
    • Angled Grooves: Minimises tyre noise as the tyres wear down.
    • Nylon Spiral Wrapped Steel Belts: Tighter steering response and greater stability
    • Wide Range of Sizes: 14~19 inch wheels. 35~65 series profiles.
  • Specification
    Width 175
    Ratio 65
    Diameter 14
    Load 82
    Speed H
    Construction Radial