The ADVAN A052 is an Ultra High Performance street legal Trackday and Competition tyre, developed for use in circuit, gymkhana, and Targa events. More
  • Features
    • Asymmetric Tread Pattern - Unprecedented levels of grip in wet & dry conditions
    • High-Rigidity Tread Rib - Two main outer tread ribs expand the contact area and deliver powerful cornering ability
    • Dual Straight Inner Grooves - Enhances straight line stability and superior anti-hydroplaning
    • New Sport Compound - Combination of Motorsport Technology for extreme grip and BluEarth Technology for fuel efficiency, specially developed for the A052
    • Straight Thin Groove - Dissipates heat and prevents time drop
  • Test Header
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  • Specification
    Width 185
    Ratio 60
    Diameter 13
    Load 80
    Speed V
    Construction Radial