ADVAN Sport V107

The ADVAN Sport V107 is a high-performance tyre developed by Yokohama primarily for use on high-power premium cars. The ADVAN Sport V107 improves upon the already excellent driving performance delivered by its predecessor ADVAN Sport V105 whilst maintaining superior comfort and safety. More
  • Features
    • Variable Width Circumferential Grooves - Wider 3+1 main grooves enable exceptional hydroplaning resistance at high speeds,High-Rigidity Wide Shoulder - Improves pattern rigidity at ultrahigh speeds, realising powerful grip in the dry
    • Revised Silent Sipe Shape - Thin slits positioned on the inside of the ribs suppress external vehicle noise
  • Specification
    Width 225
    Ratio 35
    Diameter 19
    Load 88
    Speed Y
    Construction Radial