The ADVAN dB V552 was designed with the automotive industry’s movement towards electric and hybrid vehicles in mind. Yokohama wanted to develop a tyre with high performance characteristics while excelling in providing premium comfort, low cabin noise and maximum fuel efficiency. Utilising an innovative silent base-compound and small block tread pattern the ADVAN dB V552 accomplishes this task, providing drivers with unparalleled silence and comfortable performance. More
  • Features
    • Twist Edge Cutting - Improves stiffness and prevents uneven wear allowing for longer lasting high level silence
    • Single Edge Cutting - Reduces deterioration resulting in longer lasting handling performance and road silence
    • Precise Groove Arrangement - Disperses the sound generated by the tyre, eliminating harsh noises
    • Straight Centre Ribs - Improves straight line stability and handling
  • Specification
    Width 205
    Ratio 45
    Diameter 17
    Load 88
    Speed W
    Construction Radial