The LT151R is a balanced performance tyre which is exceptional in any condition, including the wet. It is a robust and durable Light Truck tyre that offers better mileage and better fuel efficiency, providing the perfect balance. A new compound and exclusive profile combined with a more rigid tread pattern have extended the wear life. The tyre's structure is based on tyres for heavy duty trucks; this design feature allows for enhanced wear resistance and ensures durability for longwear. This tyre will give you peace of mind on rainy days when still trying to get through a day of work on drenched roads. More
  • Features
    • Rigid Structure - Minimises Distortion & ensures long lasting performance
    • Distinctive Grooves - Stable Wet Conditions
    • 4 Rigid Ribs - Reduces uneven wear & increases stability
    • New Compound - Wear Resistance
  • Specification
    Width 185
    Ratio 65
    Diameter 15
    Load 101
    Speed L
    Construction Radial