Warning Signs Your Tyres May Be Considered Dangerous Shockingly around 40% of all drivers surveyed admitted to not knowing Australian tyre safety laws as well as being unaware of the major things to look out for when comparing tyre value with tyre quality. To be considered as roadworthy your tyres must possess a combination of qualities corresponding with their use, the vehicle model and Australian laws.

Avoid the temptation of opting for cheap or secondhand tyres without properly inspecting them first as this could result in costing you much more than your money. Below we have highlighted some of the most significant telltale signs that you should be looking out for when checking your tyres or inspecting new ones to ensure your vehicle remains roadworthy.

Tyre Use 
If you intend to use your tyres on the road, the tyre design and material must be constructed specifically for road use. Some tyres designed for racing or off-road are not recommended for on-road use.

Tyre Tread Wear 
Your tyre’s tread accounts for a huge amount of your overall control and safety while driving. Australian law states that if your tread falls below 1.5mm or your treadwear indicators make contact with the road surface, your tyre is classed as unroadworthy.

Tyre Condition 
The condition of your tyres is imperative for the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. To be considered roadworthy your tyres must be free from cuts, cracks, bulges and any signs of perished rubber.

Wheel/Rim Condition 
Just as your tyres need to be in good nick, so too must your wheels and rims. Even if your tyres are considered roadworthy, to ensure they perform as they should your wheels and rims must be free from dents and must not be out of balance.

Changes to Your Driving Experience 
In addition to the visual evidence that can determine whether your tyre is dangerous, changes to your driving is also a valuable indicator. Unusual vibrations, noise and wobbling are all telltale signs that your tyres are in a bad condition and need to be inspected by a tyre specialist immediately.

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