With so many variations of tyres, customers are frequently faced with a bewildering, and more often than not, troublesome decision. One of the most common questions asked in our stores is what actually is the difference between each tyre and how can I choose the right tyre for my vehicle and needs?

At Tyres and More we have years of experience, dealing with an array of customers each with different needs ranging from your everyday run-around to top of the range, luxury models. This means we are more than capable of helping you find the best tyres for you and your car. We have broken it all down for you below so you know when you next buy tyres.

1. Establish the specs. First of all you will need to establish the tyre specifications. These can be found in your owner's manual and on the sidewall of your tyre. The specs are displayed as a series of numbers and letters e.g. 205/60R16 96W (this example can be found on a BluEarth AE50 Yokohama tyre). This confusing looking code relates to a number of requirements including size, speed rating, load rating and tyre model and once broken down is not so daunting. Although other tyres will fit onto your car we highly recommend that you follow the specifications supplied by your vehicle's manufacturer.

The sidewall explained.
Now we have established how to find your tyre’s specs, here is a breakdown of how to understand it using the example above:
205/60R16 96W - this refers to the width of the tyre when fully inflated in millimetres (note: fully inflated refers to the recommended air pressure and no more). 
● 205/60R16 96W - this is the percentage ratio and tells us that the tyre height should be 60% of the tyre width, which in this case will be 123mm.
● 205/60R16 96W - this stands for ‘radial’ and relates to the tyre construction type. R (or radial) is one of the most common tyre construction types available.
● 205/60R16 96W - this represents the wheel's diameter measured in inches. 
● 205/60R16 96W - this refers to the tyres maximum load rating. In this instance the maximum load for this particular tyre is 710kg. See below for a full load rating index.
● 205/60R16 96W - this refers to the maximum speed at which your tyre can safely travel. For this particular tyre the speed rating is W which refers to 270km/h. For the full speed rating index see the table below.

01_TYRE-0018_Blog _Chart



Tyre Blog T&M
*Note speed rating indicates maximum speed at which the tyre can travel. Speed limits vary per state and should not be broken.


2. Choose your tyre brand. Once you have established your required tyre specifications, the next step is to decide on the tyre brand. From years of experience within this field we highly recommended you choose a brand you know and trust to ensure the tyre you purchase is of a good standard. Choosing a premium tyre over a lesser known tyre allows you to feel confident in the tyre’s performance, lifespan and most importantly, safety. Leading tyre manufacturers, such as Yokohama, have years of experience in their field along with continuous investment in new technology and innovative designs providing you with quality tyres tried and tested by millions. If you would like more help on choosing the right brand for you do not hesitate to consult our tyre specialists in any Tyres and More store or via phone on 13 66 73.

3. Never buy a tyre with an unknown origin! Not knowing the age and origin of your tyres can put you at great risk. The lack of history associated with the tyres offers us little information on its condition and service history, which could quickly lead to a dangerous and sometimes inoperative tyre. Faults may not always be visible as faulty repairs or damage could have taken place on the inner layers of the tyre, therefore it is important to get any used tyres you buy checked over by a tyre specialist at any Tyres and More store, who can identify damage both internally and externally.

Once you have chosen the right tyre for you it is recommended to get them professionally fitted. Tyres and More can provide a quote here. All tyre fittings will include a tyre safety inspection allowing you to feel confident in your choice and new tyres.

Drive safely!