The weather is cooling down across Australia - and as the mercury drops, taking care of your tyres properly will ensure optimum performance and safety on the roads.


Tyre Tips For Colder Weather


Here’s how to maintain your tyres to ensure they’re in the best possible shape through Autumn and Winter...


1)     Check Your Tyre Pressure

Many vehicle tyres are either under-inflated or over-inflated. Cold weather can cause a dip in your tyre pressure; it’s important to check your tyre pressure regularly.

Check your vehicle manual or driver’s door placard for recommended service pressure.



2)     Don’t Put Your Pedal to the Metal

High speeds can be dangerous in any season. In Autumn and Winter, icy roads and rain can mean slippery surfaces and lead to a serious accident if the driver suddenly loses control of the car. Stick within the speed limits and always drive safely.

3)     Back From a Road-Trip? Check for Tiny Punctures

Australians have come out of lockdown and hit the road with a vengeance for domestic travel! The weekend road trip got a new lease of life, meaning many of us have done more kilometres (kms)  than usual recently.


Travelling unfamiliar and bumpy roads can lead to small punctures that you might not immediately notice. Get into the practice of giving your car a comprehensive visual check up when you get home.

4)     Get a Regular Service

Make sure you get a regular service from your local tyre professionals. The team at Tyres & More will give you a free safety examination and ensure that your tyres are in top condition.

5)     Choose the Right Tyres


Choose a tyre that will perform better under the conditions you drive on. Yokohama Geolandar is a range formulated especially for 4WDs and SUVs that do a lot of driving or go offroad. Select patterns also come with free Road Hazard Protection when you buy 2 or more from Tyres & More.


Tyres & More is a national network of family-friendly tyre stores, who are on a mission to improve road safety across the country by empowering drivers with knowledge, great tyres and exceptional service.

We offer complete car care, from your tyre needs to free safety examinations and accessories such as child restraints. Drive into
your local store this week and chat to a member of the Tyres & More team. We’d love to see you.