For many, it may take something like a flat tyre to occur before they even think about checking the quality of their tyres; but, like many things in life, if you care for them they will care for you in return.

Our top tip and one of the most important things you should check to ensure your car’s tyres are doing their job of keeping you safe is your Tyre Pressure.

Your tyre pressure is essential to keeping you safe and you need to be checking this regularly. We recommend you do this every 2 - 4 weeks, which may sound like a drag, but ultimately could save your life. Under inflated tyres tend to wear out quicker, meaning you have less grip on the road, risking both your tyre’s lifespan as well as your own.

How do you accurately measure your tyre pressure?

Contrary to what some may think, occasionally looking at or poking your tyres does not count as maintaining your vehicle. To accurately measure your tyre pressure, a pressure gauge should be used. These are readily available at most petrol stations, or alternatively can be purchased easily and cheaply online. We do recommend you do your research, or ask one of our expert staff at Tyres and More, before purchasing to ensure the gauge you buy is reliable and of good quality.

Before testing your tyre pressure, you must ensure your tyres are cold. This is because the air pressure within the tyres will temporarily rise due to the heat caused by the movement of the rubber as you drive, resulting in a false reading.

How do you determine the correct tyre pressure for your tyres?

All vehicle owner’s handbooks will have the recommended tyre pressure recorded in them. If you don’t have access to your handbook, fear not, the recommended tyre pressure is also detailed on the tyre placard, which can usually be found on the inside of the driver's door or sometimes within the glove box. If you are having trouble locating your tyre placard, just visit your local Tyres and More store and one of the friendly team will be able to help. Once the recommended tyre pressure is established, which can vary according to load and the position of the tyres (front and back), you can begin your checks. Again, do not hesitate to visit a Tyres and More store or call 13 66 73 if you are unsure.

If your tyres need inflating this can be done at most petrol stations or in your local Tyres and More store by one of our tyre specialists.

Be Sure

● If you are purchasing your own pressure gauge, invest in a quality one recommended by the Tyres and More staff. 
● Only test your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold.
● Remember your spare tyre!
● Properly screw on your valve caps, as they keep out foreign matter. 
● Do not over inflate your tyres as this can be just as dangerous as having under inflated ones!
● If you do notice any damage to the tyre or are in anyway unsure on the maintenance of your tyres, have them inspected by one of our tyre specialists in any Tyres and More store who will be happy to answer any questions and conduct a full examination.