Under Too Much Pressure?

Every day, we trust our cars to carry us safely to our destinations, without always thinking too deeply about how its various parts are operating! Yet when was the last time you actually checked your tyre pressure?

Why Tyre Pressure Is Important

Your tyres are the foundation which underpin your car’s performance. In fact, there are significant dangers to driving with either under-inflated or over-inflated tyres. The car will lose stability, plus incorrect tyre pressure negatively impacts handling, cornering and stopping.

In addition, the tread will start to wear unevenly. Under-inflated tyres show wear on the outside edges of the tyre, while over-inflated tyres show wear down the middle. This will not only be a safety issue but be expensive when you need to replace your tyres prematurely!

Over-inflated tyres will lose traction because the shape of the tyre becomes warped by the extra air pressure. They can be more prone to damage, as they are stiffer and may struggle with road hazards like potholes.  Under-inflated tyres also don’t flex as they should, so they don’t respond in a predictable way.

For normal vehicle usage and loads, the recommended tyre pressure can be found on the placard usually located on the driver’s side door pillar, or in the vehicle manufacturer’s manual.

How Often Should You Check Your Tyre Pressure?

We recommend that you check your tyre pressure every month. Many service stations have an air pressure gauge, or you can buy one to do it yourself at home. The easiest - and cheapest - option is to come in and see us at Tyres & More! We’ll check your tyre pressure for free, plus give your car a general safety examination. Find your local dealer now.