It’s all in our name – we are Tyres & (so much) More…

We start with the perfect set of tyres for your car. Then we complement your quality tyres with a roster of services and mechanical repairs which will optimise your vehicle for safety and performance out on the road.

With 57 stores nationwide and growing, our mission is to provide the best complete car care in Australia. All of our stores are clean and family-friendly - they’re a comfortable environment for you to discuss your car needs with one of our experts.

Explore our services below or come in and talk to one of our helpful team.

  • Quality Tyres
    Quality Tyres available at Tyres & More

    Tyres are an incredibly important factor in car performance and safety. They also underpin vehicle safety factors such as traction control, anti-lock brakes & stability control.

  • Safety Examinations
    Seatbelt Safety

    There are many factors that put a strain on our cars each week so it's important to understand the individual needs of your vehicle for confidence & peace of mind.

  • Battery Supply
    Tyres and More supply Batteries

    The battery is the heart of your vehicle and when it fails, so does your car. It's important to maintain good battery strength to maintain good performance.

  • Child Restraint Fitting
    Child restraint fitting available at Tyres and More stores

    Check out the latest Child Restraint rules and our Quick Tips for Best Safety Practices

  • Quality Wheels
    Tyres and More stock Quality Wheels

    Quality tyres need the support of quality wheels, making a huge difference to a car with regards to handling and performance.

  • Headlight Safety
    Headlight Safety at Tyres and More

    Driving at night comes with added hazards. Fatigue, lack of light, compromised night vision, rush hour and impaired drivers all contribute to making it more dangerous. Your headlights are one of the key tools in your safety.

  • Brake Safety
    Brake Safety Inspection

    Upkeep of brakes and tyres are the two most important factors to provide passenger and driver safety in emergency situations. Check out our Quick Brake tips to ensure you and your family are safe.

  • Seatbelt Safety
    Seatbelt Safety

    For your safety, and the safety of your family and passengers, regularly check your seat belts for damage or wear by following our simple tips.

  • Suspension
    Suspension at Tyres and More

    Due to the many irregularities in our road surfaces, suspension is a must. Without it, your car would bounce and slam back into the road. Learn more about your vehicle's suspension.

  • Safe Towing
    Safe towing tips from Tyres and More

    Towing can be fraught with dangers, especially when towing heavy loads. Check out our Quick Tips for Safe Towing.

  • Cargo Restraints
    Cargo Restraints at Tyres & More

    Travel is one of the great joys of life. Yet how much thought do we put into safely securing our precious cargo before hitting the open road?