It’s all in our name – we are Tyres & (so much) More…

We start with the perfect set of tyres for your car. Then we complement your quality tyres with a roster of services and mechanical repairs which will optimise your vehicle for safety and performance out on the road.

With over 50 stores nationwide and growing, our mission is to provide the best complete car care in Australia. All of our stores are clean and family-friendly - they’re a comfortable environment for you to discuss your car needs with one of our experts.

Explore our services below or come in and talk to one of our helpful team.

  • Quality Tyres
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    Your tyres are a crucial investment. Quality tyres will improve your safety through better traction; plus a good tyre will reduce your fuel consumption. Discover how to choose the perfect tyre for your car.

  • Safety Examinations
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    From your brakes to your engine oil, headlights and tyres, it’s important to keep your car in top condition. Tyres & More offer comprehensive, free safety examinations to give you peace of mind.

  • Battery Supply
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    Your battery is the beating heart of your car. Start off with a high-quality battery from Tyres & More. We stock the Supercharge range, engineered with leading technology for reliability and strong ongoing performance.

  • Child Restraint Fitting
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    Untangle complicated Child Restraints with the experts at Tyres & More. Make sure your most precious cargo is tucked up tight (and right).

  • Quality Wheels
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    Upgrade your car’s handling with premium wheels. The combination of lightness and strength in alloy ensures better braking and all-round performance in both dry and wet driving conditions.

  • Headlight Safety
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    Navigate night-time hazards confidently with properly functioning headlights. The Tyres & More team will check your headlights and other driving lights are operating correctly and replace any faulty globes.

  • Brake Safety
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    Good brakes underpin the safety of your family. It’s imperative to monitor your brakes for changes and catch a problem early. Find out what to look out for and how you should be maintaining your brakes.

  • Seatbelt Safety
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    Seat belts save lives. The Tyres & More team are licensed to fit seatbelts - we’ll ensure that all the components are working as they should. Come in for a safety examination at your local Tyres & More today.

  • Suspension
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    Suspension gives your car balance. It provides steering stability and enables your car to navigate different road surfaces. Don’t give your passengers a bumpy ride - read our guide to smooth driving.

  • Safe Towing
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    Don’t take on more than you can handle. Safe towing means ensuring that you aren’t exceeding your vehicle’s towing capacity. Rules vary greatly but generally a load should not exceed 1.5 times your vehicle weight.

  • Cargo Restraints
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    It’s not uncommon to see motorists travelling with unsecured cargo, such as shopping or pets. A badly loaded car can create readymade projectiles if there’s an accident. Tyres & More stock quality cargo constraints to maximise protection.