Alliance AL30 is a quality tyre for the family car, it delivers precision, fuel efficiency, wear resistance, wet performance and stability. The Alliance AL30 uses a Nano blend technology to deliver the best performance bringing safety & satisfaction. More
  • Features
    • Design Enhancements - Improvements in the tread pattern, profile and structure have resulted in longer mileage
    • Combination Blocks - A combination of a second rib and rectangular blocks improve resistance against irregular wear and increase driving stability
    • Non-Dissecting grooves - Grooves on the shoulder do not completely dissect the block reducing the external noise and providing stiffness
    • Fuel efficient layered rubber - In conjunction with the Nano blend technology compound, low-heat generating rubber is used underneath the tread to improve fuel efficiency
    • Four straight grooves - Four straight grooves provide excellent drainage and ensure solid, dependable performance in wet conditions
    • Enhanced Contact Area - Adopting a flat structure maximizes the contact area during braking improving dry grip performance
    • Central Rib Design - A centre rib pattern increases stability at high speed
  • Specification
    Width 165
    Ratio 65
    Diameter 14
    Load 79
    Speed T
    Construction Radial
    Weight 5